Thursday, October 28, 2010

Revised Doll Wishlist!

I'm just up bored and sick, so I've revised my doll wishlist!

Oh my god, it's boys! Boy dolls on my wishlist?!?! Anyway, this was a limited headsculpt from the company SNG Switch. The first one is the more 'open-eyed' version of the sculpt and its name is Milwha, and the second one is the 'dreaming' version, whose name is Hahwha. I really can't decide which one I like better and would be happy owning both. I would love to put them both on Volks SDGr bodies; I've handled one in person and they're really great. But they cost lots and lots of money for a body, and so I may go the Spiritdoll route (I like those bodies, too). In my opinion, they would make marvelous twins. I would REALLY like it if they were twins. xD They also remind me of Suzaku and Lelouch of Code Geass (respectively) and that doesn't hurt. Although I would really envision Suzaku's face with a more 'I'm a little bitch' expression.

Shiny Fairy May (picture by Turbow on Flickr). I really adore Bluefairy's way of sculpting and I don't like the bodies/headsculpts any less through the owner pics. Hana's eyes started to bother me so little mature May is now my goal. She embodies a character named Tryphosa, the curious and intelligent daughter of a classics professor at Kumiho's college. I'm going to start saving for her after Christmas. :3

An Unoa Zero. Big boobs, too? Jeez, really breaking the mold on my usual tastes. Yeah yeah, I know. She'll be the cost of a small house. But she'll be worth it. Someday I will own a Latea/Marion/Sleeping Faceplates/boobs conglomeration. She may have alternate personalities? I'm not really sure what I want to do with her character yet. Image courtesy of dressmaker Silver Butterfly.

Iplehouse SID Soo is next on the list. I've decided to reshell Remiel. T_T I adore the modded Supia Roda head I have for her, but she's a very realistic character and the sculpt just never seemed to perfectly reflect her strong badassery. This sculpt, though young looking, has potential and I don't think she'll look shabby sporting Remiel's ice blue eyes and unnatural flaming red hair.

Actually, that's all for now. I eventually want a Minifee, but the more I look at all of them the more I get confused as to which one I'd really want. I think I really just enjoy the A-line body so much, and want to have a character to go with it lol. I could go Celty-style and make it headless, but then the elastic would show, wouldn't it? XD

Part of it may be my satisfaction in just owning my Volks Kurumi. She's really everything I want in an adorable girl doll (except she's SD10 size, which is hard to carry around! Hence Tryphosa) so I think the need to get others has been severely curtailed. Now I'm wanting for those mature girls, and boys, as you can see! Oh my, I'm going down a dark path. XD;

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