Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not Dead Pt. 2

I don't have anything good to report - just that my newly arrived K-r turned out to be defective, and I'm never going to buy Pentax equipment again. The switch for SR on my K10D broke off and I had to get it fixed, and on this newest incarnation, the K-r's mode dial was actually broken, rendering most of the advantages of quick, preset goodness completely unreachable. My K10D was metal, heavy, solid, weathersealed, but the K-r feels like a toy in my hands (and I have small, old lady hands! XD). I returned it to the AMAZING people at Amazon (who let me return it even though it was opened, and exactly 33 days after purchase when their policy only allows for 30). I'm now waiting for it to get to their hands/from their hands to the seller's hands (I purchased used to save money).

I had no idea how much it could hurt not having a camera. I am totally blowing this thing out of proportion, but I am really feeling down without it! Even the wonderful news of my MNF Shushu's shipment doesn't quite make it through the fog. Maybe when the girl gets here she'll cooperate with me while I'm giving her a faceup so that I don't want to throw her faceplates and cry like a toddler. >< I haven't even finished 1 cosplay for Otakon (out of my 4 - one for my friend, 3 for me). I have the feeling that I won't be motivated to do much of anything because I'm too distracted by my mental whining.

I'm a mature person.

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