Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chibi-lilie's Deviantart

So, yet another great photographer appears on this blog! Chibi-lilie was discovered while I was thumbing through my DA notifications. :3 I love the soft, colorful style of this photo, and the focus is just right! (If you haven't noticed, I fangirl good bokeh!)

The angle and tone of this edgy picture is spot-on. I'd love to have this on my wall - speaking of which, she has a few prints for sale, so check those out as well (great transition, I know, lol).

All of her dolls are based off of her original characters (or OCs for short). They are much beloved, and she even has a contest going for her watchers to draw her doll characters! If you're interested, you can see her DA for details. It ends on the 15th of March.

Her coloring and composition is usually excellent, but in my opinion the quality of her work tends to vary, with lighting and focus issues being the main reason for my comment. However, you could never tell from these example pictures, which are all from her gallery. I look forward to seeing more work from her, and I can only imagine how amazing she'll be when every photo is consistent!

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