Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tryphosa and Crewcuts

So, my wonderful boyfriend, henceforth known as Rafen, gifted me with Tryphosa for Christmas!!!!!!!!! I know, late posting. XD And this Valentine's Day he gifted me again with beautiful Enchanted Doll #24 eyes for her....!!!! I adore the way they photograph, and they sparkle in such a lovely way in the light! So, I was thinking of her style, and what clothes to dress her in....

Immediately, I thought of Crewcuts. In addition to everywhere else in the world, I've worked at J.Crew, and I always lamented the lack of Crewcuts in our store. Crewcuts is the amazingly styled J.Crew kidswear line that I am currently obsessing over.

Aren't those the cutest little girls EVER?!??!?!!?

I want all of the Crewcuts clothes for Tryphosa! I'll probably be trying to copy some pieces/styles for her. I've found her style!

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