Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Switch's Romantic Emerald and Models

(Note: I apologize for the large gap between the pictures and text, there is a rather large bottom border on that last one.)

From-Switch (aka SNG) has just announced release of their new 'Romantic Emerald' outfit set. The set is designed and manufactured by Uyuchagongbang, and sold through Switch's website. This is the first of their 'Switch's Ensemble' series - and if this is a sample of the sets forthcoming, I'll have to keep my debit card away from me in a guarded location.

Blinded as I was by the sheer awesomeness of the outfit itself, I did take time to note that ... wait... those are Switch heads on those girl bodies! Honestly, that shouldn't have surprised me, because, well, their main products consist of their boy heads. However, I think I was interested to see company pictures of their 'boy' heads on girl bodies. I've seen the female hybrids on DoA, but never before has the company released photos of their heads on girl bodies. It was interesting that they also see and endorse the androgyny of their sculpts, though they market all of their dolls as male.

I was also surprised by my response to the photos. I personally like girl dolls more than boy dolls, and I found myself looking up Javi because he appealed to me much more as a girl than as a boy. Yet I'd never spared two seconds for him before. If they marketed future heads as girls, would I be more interested in buying them? I have no idea.

What do you think? Does the gender of the doll that the company is marketing effect the way you view them or want to buy them later on?

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