Thursday, September 16, 2010

Akine's BJD Designs and Photography, More Flickr Uploading!


I like this method of uploading better. :3 I can grab HTML code from Flickr and get big, luscious photos that I love while still not having to save them to my hard drive first!

Anyway, enough with my Flickr experimentation. :3 I want to feature Akine, a very talented BJD dress designer and photographer. This is my favorite of her photographs - the dolls are lovely and impeccably styled, and I really do adore fringe-banged wigs.


This is a look at her lovely workspace, and just take a gander if you will at her AMAZING sewing machine! I would give a limb for a beautiful piece of machinery such as that! On the right you can see one of her lovely dresses.

you are my best love

As you can see, her photography has a lovely, fresh air to it. Please go check out her Flickr Gallery!

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