Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Estebebe's Faceups

I really love Estebebe's delicate and simplistic faceups. They lend an air of dreaminess to each doll and they are never too overdone or too heavy, always imparting fairy-like grace to their subjects. Fittingly, many of the faceups in their catalog include Bluefairy dolls; I believe that these dolls sport the look best, already having very light default faceups, and the beautiful work just complements the sculpts so well.

This is my personal favorite doll in their collection, a Tiny Fairy Kyle in White Skin.

Here's a White Skin Louis who looks just wonderful in his minimalistic dress.
Please head over to their website to find more examples of their work, both on Bluefairy dolls and other sculpts.

Not only is Estebebe extremely talented, but I believe that the studio really cares about their work. I found this at the bottom of the makeup order form:

We provide a 2 year free of charge after service makeup for makeup that has been damaged.

- Conditions for free of charge after service: Those who received makeup services from ESTEBEBE

(Includes those who ordered after August, 2009.)

- After service period: 2 years after delivery of finished head

- Conditions of free of charge after service:

Heads that have scratch marks, or heads that have had their makeup damaged over time.

They really seem to care about their customers and the dolls with which they are entrusted. If any of you have had experiences with Estebebe feel free to comment on your experience, and if you plan to use their services in the future, what do you have in mind?

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