Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shining demon by Madam Page, Flickr Uploading!

Originally uploaded by Madam Page

So, I no longer have to steal photos from Flickr from photographers I like and then link them. Flickr has this new 'post to blog' thing in Share This Photo. I really like this idea, but.... I'm not such a fan of its execution. I can't post multiple photos from this wonderful photographer in one blog post (from what I can tell) and the entries that I post to the blog from Flickr will always have to be edited and touched up like this one. I will probably only use this feature for photographers and other artists from whom I can only obtain art via Flickr.

In any case, I love Madam Page's lovely soft photographs. They are mostly darker than this one, but all the same quality in composition and all with the same ingenious lighting. Her dolls seem very human, all staring out at you from their shadowy dream worlds or having a moment with themselves to which you were a fortunate witness. Please head over to her gallery and admire more of her gorgeous work!

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