Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Doll Rooms - Keera and Flickr Group!

I was browsing through Andreja's flickr, and I noticed that she had won some kind of amazing lati-sized diorama from an auction. Wondering from whence this delightful creation came, I followed a few links and found myself at Keera's flickr and website. Keera is a talented doll artist - the term is really general, but it's the best I could think of to encompass her broad range of skills and talents. She makes miniature foods and sews all of the covers, pillows, drapes, etc. herself. The little books, the notes strewn over the desk like real notes would be, the cutlery, dishes, everything in these well-put-together little scenes are made by her!

In addition to making these amazing dioramas, she paints pictures of blythes and also customizes blythe dolls to put up for auction.

...And if all that wasn't enough, she sews Lati Yellow-sized clothing and puts them up for sale on her Etsy from time to time.

While digging around to find more mini rooms by Keera, I found a group on flickr named 'The Ultimate Doll Interiors' which is aptly titled. You'll find Keera's works and tons of similarly amazing mini-room artists, each with their own style in interior decoration!

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