Friday, April 1, 2011

Raouken's Wonderful Corsets

This fine detail work and beautiful craftsmanship is brought to you by Raouken, who goes by the same screen name on Den of Angels. Her commissions thread is very navigable, and she is a personable and fun seamstress from what I can tell. She has excellent feedback and her prices are great for the craftsmanship you're getting. The corsets are 35 euro for a basic SD corset, and 30 euro for a basic MSD corset. There are other little details that may run you a little extra, but the results are well worth the extra 5 euro or so. She also has an Etsy shop in which she posts ready-made items, but nothing is up there at the moment (I'll bet she's busy with commissions).

I plan on commissioning her for my Zero when I get my monies together. I absolutely adore her work!

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