Friday, April 29, 2011

Mio (m2k Dolls)

I know that when I first started the BJD hobby, it was exciting to me that people made such exquisite and beautiful doll-sized productions of clothing. I wanted to get a doll almost solely to own clothing for it. The person that really introduced me to quality doll clothing was Mio. I had never before seen doll clothing that was so elaborate and so to-scale. Her designs were always so well-balanced in color, texture and fit. I aspired to be like her; I still dream about being able to make such amazing clothing for ball jointed dolls one day. I resolved that if I came into any flexible funds, they would go towards Mio clothing for my doll. I wanted to collect every outfit, and win every auction. My circumstances and lack of a consistent doll size didn't enable me to do that, but I had always dreamed about it.

...But now I'm hard-pressed to find even these two pictures of her splendid work. It seems that she has disappeared. Her Den of Angels account is dead, her Flickr deleted, her website gone. And she didn't just leave after finishing her last batch of orders - it seems that she took everyone's money, as well. There is a long and sad thread on Den of Angels in the Problem Transactions forum that was started in 2009, for orders not received from 2008! To my knowledge, nothing new has turned up. Try as they might to contact her, those who ordered from her last received neither their items or a refund.

She had last been contacted some time in early 2009, claiming that her father was ailing and she needed to take care of him. They gave her a lot of time to work herself out, but there was still no word. Time passed and they are still waiting for an answer. I do not think that anyone took a police action against her, as many were in different countries and their jurisdiction did not extend to Korea. My knowledge of international criminal laws is about zero, so I don't know what could've been done, but I'm sure they tried something, given that they lost several thousands of dollars collectively.

What would make such a prominent member of the bjd community just leave like that? Why did she suddenly decide to turn into a scammer? For someone who could make such exquisite clothing, and who must love dolls as much as she did, why would she disappear from her customers and the hobby? I understand personal obligations and personal conflict can be tough, but, as was mentioned in the Problems thread, emotional turmoil is not an excuse to turn to thievery.

I suppose it's a mystery that will never be solved.

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