Monday, May 2, 2011

CSaw Feature

I've been a huge fan of CSaw's for a while! As you can see, her photos are full of color, life and light that just radiates from the computer screen! The Thailand based photographer has a beautifully faceupped collection of Volks dolls which can be found in the sets in her Flickr, or viewed at her blog named Pastel Cottage. Robin, this Volks Miruku, really made me miss Kumiho... T_T

Her beautiful F-01 dolls also softened my originally harsh opinion of the mold with their beautiful clothes and well-done faceups. The colors in her photographs always give a serene and cheerful feeling! So refreshing (points! XD).

Her SD Lisolette makes me want one, too.... Her collection of cute girl dolls makes me die of moe! I really admire her collection and her photography! Please check her websites often for updates..... I don't post a lot, so I'll be lurking right along with you! XD

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