Thursday, May 12, 2011

Doll Meets

Not-so-recently, A and I went to a doll meet (that's her Lisette there, with Tryphosa). We only stayed for a short time, and it felt a little awkward. The more I go to doll meets, the more aware I get of the awkwardness that I feel at them. It's not that people are mean or foreboding; usually it's just the opposite, where everyone tries to make each other feel welcome. But I guess it's just the knowledge that I have nothing in common with them other than dolls that makes me feel falsely cheerful and kind of odd in conversation. There are some meets where it's less awkward, but those are few and far between.

I'm not sure what my concept of a meet was before I started to notice this. Maybe it was 'a gathering of friends with dolls involved', where the emphasis is on friend-making? Or perhaps it was 'a chance to see other people's dolls in real life'? That seems just as likely. I go to the Otakon doll meets, but those are just to trade or buy things, and I usually don't really find anything I love there.
What is your concept of a doll meet? Have you been to meets? Did you feel awkward as well? Do you feel at home there? Why?

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