Thursday, June 3, 2010

Agrith's Deviantart

Agrith seems to be an up-and-coming photographer, with touching little themed photos such as these featuring her Bluefairy Olive. Her penchant for dead-on focus choice and her clever use of simple props definitely highlights an acute artistic sense and love for the characters of her dolls.

Apart from her adorable Olive (first I've seen with a non-default faceup that I really love!) she also has a DZ Felian, a MNF Lishe. She's also taken some quite charming pictures of the Zaoll Luv that was lent to her by a friend for a photoshoot. I think that the pictures featuring her Olive are the most compositionally awesome of the bunch, which is why they're the feature here, but the photos of the other dolls are by no means ugly! Be warned, her gallery is NSFW.

Go give her some love. :3 A lot of work goes into her shoots!

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