Saturday, June 5, 2010

DenaliWind's Myliex (Yes, another Shushu feature)

I've just caught the Shushu bug, haven't I? In any case, this Shushu, as you can see, is particularly unique and therefore it justifies yet another Shushu feature. :3

This foresty little beauty is created by DenaliWind, and she has her own Livejournal 'The Daily Doll' where she posts more pictures of this doll (Myliex) and her other doll, Goat.

Her sensitive, natural photography and choice of simple, painting-like background to feature this unusual beauty marks her images as quality. The doll's concept and the execution of the concept is very clever, and those little circles on the faceup (by DenaliWind herself) really make the picture in my opinion.

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