Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Icchaeyo's Deviantart and Faceups I am, featuring yet another Shushu. What? Did you ask if she'd modified? Why yes, yes she is!! Just look at her beautiful slitted eyes!

And that faceup! So gorgeous! Whose doll could that be?
I answer, "Who else's? Icchaeyo's!"
Yeah, sorry for the dumb little intro there. X3 To be honest, I'm always struck a little dumb by her masterful creations. She modified this Shushu by herself (as well as an open-eyed faceplate). Besides the Shushu, she has a gorgeous Unoa Lusis, a CP El and Woosoo, and she used to have a Domuya Fin.

^ Here's her gorgeous Woosoo!
She does her own faceup work and (as mentioned) modifications, and on top of all of it... just look at her gorgeous photography and illustration work!

I very much admire Icchaeyo. In fact, she is and always will be one of my favorite faceup artists/photographers. I am continually inspired by her and I absolutely adore her dolls. Her knack for muted colors, softer focus, sunlight-bleached environs and mysteriously beautiful figures always amazes me and I can't stop looking at it! Please go appreciate her gorgeous work at her Deviantart, Flickr and Blog.

EDIT: I used the word 'gorgeous' 3 times in this one little post. XD I really am losing it...

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