Friday, July 2, 2010

Beckie Blackout

I love the catchy name! I found her on her Deviantart when she posted a pic of this beautiful boy, but to be honest it really wasn't her ball jointed doll photography that blew me away when I saw the rest of her gallery....

It was these beautiful photos of still life in nature that really made me gasp! I don't even like normal still life photography and I immediately DevWatched her. I can't get enough of her unique take on focus and her great use of colors and blur. There are some magnificent black and white photos on there as well. She has a super-professional portfolio as well that doesn't feature any of her bjd photography, but it's very polished and easy to use.

Please please please take a look at her stuff! It's a feast for your eyes. I promise they'll be full after you look. *holds out cookie*

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