Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Dying a Little Inside...

...every day I don't have an Olympus PEN camera.

It's odd, because I'd sworn off Olympuses after the disaster that was my first and only point and shoot camera. I went straight to the K-10 after that piece of crap and we've been happily married ever since... I forgot about my ex until it showed up with a whole new style.

Look at this film-camera esque beauty that is the 4/3 camera. I'm waiting for it to go down in price, which means that I'll be waiting a year or two to get this damn looker in my life. I already have it all planned out: I'll save enough for the camera (I want the EP2... because it has 2 more art filters than the others, and yes, I want those please), and then slowly but surely acquire the viewfinder, the leather case I want, the strap, and maybe even some lenses... oh the horizon looks so attractive, so enticing, and yet, so very far away. T_T UGH new camera love hurts so badly.

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