Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Join the Dollars. Also, The Men...You Could Smell Like

Please join the Dollars by clicking on the picture! Password: baccano
It's technically a gang, but before you raise those eyebrows at me and close the browser, let me tell you a little bit about us.
We try to change the world in little ways, hopefully for the better. Our official missions have so far consisted of 'let people know about us' and 'do something to help someone today'. It's really based on communication, and it's the friendliest online community I've ever joined. There are 4,000 some members now, but we're growing daily! Please help us make this world just a bit of a better place. :3

Now that my schpiel is over... time for the lols, for those who have watched the anime Durarara! and for those who have joined the Dollars and found out that the Dollars is based off of the fictional gang in said anime... XD

Shang tone ☆: fresh and spicy scent that can not resist charm
At the same time filled with strong masculine scent, feminine fragrance blends,
Allows a glimpse of a sexy impression.
When this smell, can not resist the allure 溢Remasu.

Top note: lavender. Orange. Basil. Cinnamon. bergamotChiguren.
Middle note: Rose. Muguets. Jasmine.
Last note: musk. Amber. Cedar. sandals. oakmoss.benzoin . patchouli. Pechiba.

Incense ☆ tone:sweet fragrance of citrus wrapped in a sophisticated sex appeal
The cool scent of harmony,the addition of a spicy fragrance, intellectual Carousel exudes sex appeal.
残Ri香directs the impression of calm dry, dry.

Top note: tarragon (wormwood). Wintergreen
Middle note: ylang ylang. jasmine. Boadorozu. palmarosa.
Last note: ylang ylang. Jasmine. carnation

Shizuo and Izaya Perfume.
Shizuo apparently smells somewhat like musk and sandals, and you can wrap citrus in sex appeal. XD

For the curious fanboy/girl, you can buy them here.

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