Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cat Dolls Make My Head Hurt Because...

...I want one so badly.... and I don't know why! Just look at these woefully tempting photos from Piposdoll of their new Midsummer Night's Dream PO-11 line limiteds!!!!!

I love their costumes - I can't even decide which one is my favorite! I really love these creative limiteds! The thing is, I used to have a Pipos Baha and I just couldn't love it as much as my other dolls. I was in a weird place because I loved it so much as a 'toy', but I never treated it like my other dolls, and I couldn't justify its expense (and back then it was around $180 faceupped I think). I sold it way back when, and I've regretted it a few times since, because I realize that I did indeed grow very attached to it, and I miss it dearly, especially now!

Apparently these limiteds have detachable tails and both human and paw hand/feet parts. They also appear to be cast in a greyish resin similar to that used in Soom's limited Onyx (and other dolls since, she's just the one I remember most XD).

I'm confused as to my intensely revived love for cat dolls, though! I adore cats, and that's an understatement, but I've never really liked any sort of anthro... anything. I stop at characters with cats ears and *maybe* tails, and even that is a fading interest. As stated before, I never looked at the anthro dolls as anything but hugely expensive 'toys'...and though that's technically what a bjd is, I somehow could never feel the same about the anthro dolls as bjds in a differentiation between 'toys' and 'character creation/photogenic object'. It's probably why I don't even have photos of my precious Baha.

But these Pipos dolls are getting to me again with their cute faces and the paw sculpts of their hands! I had trouble getting used to the Baha's size and proportions, but it seems like these new Po-11/more Yo-SD sized cats are more like what I'm used to. I'm not a fan of the girl cat's breasts, because it creeps me out a little, but I'm sure they'll offer the other style of girl's Po-11 body as well (the flat-chested one). If they do...that combined with their amazing faceups and presentation is enough to just kill me a little. XD

Must. Resist. Cats.

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