Friday, May 14, 2010

Mori Backpacks for Under $30

Been spending too much time on and not studying. ^^;

I found this adorable large bookbag here, for those mori ladies or otherwise that just can't find cute backpacks in which to carry their stuff. For the pic I picked the black and white striped one, since I thought that would be the most interesting to pair with mori items, but they have other colors such as black and white, brown and white, and star print.

This Smoothie bag is so fresh looking for Spring!

This bag from KTShop can work several different ways (only backpack way shown here, more pics on the page). I love the color, too!

I prefer backpacks to purses nowadays, just because they're so much easier to manage when going out and I can put a ton of stuff into it (my giant 1000000lb camera, notebooks, sketchbooks, etc.). I think that this hands-free appeal is great for the mori girl!
I think I'll take more time to post some features of things that I think are very 'mori' when shopping online. Of course, you might just get a load of Yesstyle links. XD

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