Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pure Neemo Dolls

These photos were taken from the Pure Neemo Flickr Group. I discovered Pure Neemo dolls after I got into BJD, so they weren't as appealing as they might have been (or I might now have a collection of Pure Neemo instead of BJD! XD). But their cute faces and adorable clothing, priced at only a fraction of BJD clothing, continue to enchant me and I always find myself lurking in the flickr group.

What are Pure Neemo Dolls? They're around 25-27cm, and they're made of vinyl. Their hands and legs are interchangeable for different poses, although some have different bodies which resemble that of Volks' 27cm dollfies. There are 7 different 'main characters' in Pure Neemo (kind of like standard models which are sometimes released with limited hair and outfit combinations). Each have a different face. Then, there are the other limited characters -- like the girls from K-ON! I really wanted one of them. X3 They're so cute!

They run around $100-300, depending on how rare the model. You can find them and clothes, shoes, and accessories on ebay or hobby japan!
Let me know if you have a pure neemo doll, or post a picture! They're just too cute.

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