Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Wrath and Serenity

I've tried to have a blog just focused on one thing before, but I realize now that it's just impossible for me. I will blog here about the things I like!

I'll update on the latest beautiful ball jointed doll photography. If you don't know what ball jointed dolls are, then just check out Den of Angels Forums in my links, and take a look at their FAQ.

I'll document my path to becoming a better photographer (hopefully!)and share with you some of my favorite photos and photographers.

I'll post on fashions and fashion pictures that inspire me with their style and photography.

I'll post awesome art.

I'll review books I read.

I'll occasionally update you on my latest crocheting projects!

... This is mainly a list for myself I think. ^^; I'll probably end up posting a variety of these and maybe more as I think of them.

As for the name, I believe that everyone has some extreme emotions in them. I tend to swing around my interests like a bipolar person swings moods, and oftentimes I feel that the phrase 'wrath and serenity' is the only way to completely express the intensity of the difference in my creative energies at times. I hope to bring that constantly changing energy to this blog!

Thanks for reading!

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