Friday, May 14, 2010

Fairyland's Chic Line

Well, I know that everybody is going to be discussing this soon enough, but if you're not sick of it already, these are my personal thoughts on the new Chic line of Also, I want this blog to be as worksafe as possible, so I'll always put up warnings or somesuch when posting any artistic nudity. Therefore, I'm leaving it up to Fairyland's Blog to show you pictures of the posing and body.

Now, on to the opinionation!

The new Chic line is shorter than your typical Minifee, standing at 40cm instead of 42. The bodies, as expected from Fairyland, are beautifully engineered, and they seem to pose as well as the Minifee bodies. My favorite part is that it seems Fairyland designed the models with heavy customization in mind, including parts for hand changing (as in their Minifee) as usual, but also disclosing plans for fantasy parts and revealing a new system for heads.

This head is actually a Minifee-sized (M-line) faceplate on the "head attachment part" (probably the headback) that is compatible with the Chic body. You can also put Littlefee (L-line) heads on the body using another "head attachment part". The Chic line heads (or, you guessed it, C-line) seem to be notably smaller than either L-line or M-line heads, but that's to be expected because....

Bam! The doll has a distinct fashion-doll appearance which calls for more realistic proportions of head-body size ratio.
My verdict? Genius engineering as usual, but it's not my thing. I personally don't like fashion dolls and will most likely never own a Chic line doll. I prefer the anime-like, stylistic grace of the Minifee, as seen here.

However, I'm glad that Fairyland is once again breaking its own mold (no puns) and I'm especially impressed with the new head system. I also think it's really great to have more variety in MSD size, because a lot of people have been wanting more 'mature' minis, and the market has been responding with increasingly unique works of art.

I'm actually more excited about the possibility of a Fairyland 60cm doll. In Cerberus Project's letter (which you can also view on the Fairyland blog), they stated that they had been planning on releasing 60cm dolls for a long time. The Chic line was a sculpting foray in that direction, but should also be viewed as a project all on its own. I've been wanting a 60cm Shushu since I've laid eyes on her, and I honestly think that if that were to happen, that Shushu would even replace Kurumi as my dream doll.
Let me know what you think of the new Chic line! Would you get one? Do you like or dislike the fashion doll look of the bodies/proportions? Do you plan on hybridizing between M, C, or L-line? Are you just as excited as I am about the 60cm doll possibility?

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