Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unisomnia/Suzumebachi's Doll Photography - One pic NSFW, underwear!

I really love Unisomnia's doll photography! Here's her precious Miyu, Misei. She makes me want a Miyu so badly!!!!! She's Suzumebachi on DoA, and I found her through her gallery post 'We're Just Angels with Enemies'. Here are some pictures from the shoot:

I really love the way she plays with simple lighting, focus and setting to create a specific mood in her pictures. That's the stuff of great photography! You can see more of her dolls on her Flickr (where she also posts her great pictures featuring non-doll content). There's also her Deviantart, which is more doll-focused. I think she's underrated (with only 8,000 pageviews in 2 years), so give her some well-deserved love for her photos.

I know, I'm really lovin' on the Shushus. What can I say, they're so pretty!

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