Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mori Girl

I've recently fallen in love with the Mori Girl style. I found it via Angeldolls Blog, and got redirected to the wonderful Mori Girl's blog. What is Mori Girl Fashion? You're better off looking at the expert (Mori Girl, of course). Meanwhile, you can get the gist from some of these photos...

I've always been attracted to delicate and hippy-like things, but never had a chance to pick them up and coordinate them. I had no idea what I should go for with such outdated items! But with mori, I feel inspired to create a more fresh and modern yet otherworldly feel with old items and just plain "pretty" things that I like. I can get all the grandma stuff I want now and actually wear it. XD I feel as though it's a mix between h.naoto clothing, Marc Jacobs, lolita, and American hippy with some eskimo/scandinavian looks thrown into the mix. I prefer the more delicate, cream/pink/sky blue/light brown mixes you see prevalent in the pictures I've saved here, so I may be going for that style more than the heavier brown or grey (although, I never know myself what I'll end up liking sometimes, so we'll see XD.)

Yes... I totally just put my foot in my mouth. XD I grabbed the flowiest (and apparently very dark navy blue) skirt in my closet and my most comfy top to try my first intentionally mori coordinate. I hope it worked out! I've also newly joined the Mori LJ group. It seems a lot of lolitas are on the group, but I'm not surprised - the styles share some....philosophy if you will.
I'm not a huuuuuge fan of taking pictures of myself, but I will try to document my mori evolution here!
Also, for those of you who want more Mori, head on over to the Mori Girl Tumblr.

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