Friday, May 14, 2010

HVBAO Sneakers

I was looking at one day, and I found Linklovely, graphic canvas sneakers in the 'shoes' section. I thought they they might be expensive, because the complex design on the shoe appeared to be hand-drawn. Clicking on the picture, I lamented at having found another expensive brand to covet when.... Shock! They were only $42! Granted, that's without shipping, but for great hand-drawn design on a converse-type shoe, that's... amazing!
I'll let their designs do the talking!

You can find more information on the brand itself (they also do caps) and more lovely designs here. I think the second pair with the cats is my favorite. :3 Their more forest-y designs would go well with mori fashion, and I think some of the more cheerful, pastel designs would make good deco shoes!

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