Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cute Long Skirts for Under $30

Okay, so more surfing, but I have some other stuff, too. xD
I really love long skirts, especially since they're so 'mori'. I think that just wearing one with your own everyday fashion can make you stand out from the crowd, and long skirts are actually more flexible coordination-wise than most people would immediately think (in my opinion). But they're often expensive (both to make and buy, depending on the material and the fullness of the skirt!). So here I've compiled some cheaper options for long-skirt fans. :3 I might do a feature on more pricey skirts (just because they're so pretty! O_O) but that's in the future (and I might forget. ><)

This adorable t-length skirt by VeJanie is floaty and great for the spring or summer, for those days when you know you might be walking a lot and you don't want a lot of material around your ankles. It comes in this color and in black. It's only $16.50!

This skirt is plain in design, but the best part is that it's full and comfortable looking, and you can dress it up in a cute way, like the girl in the picture! It also comes in a ton of colors, all of which you can see on Daily Pink's page here,

If you're a size xs, you can find a really cute vintage skirt here at Etsy for $17.

There's another vintage skirt here at Etsy for $18, and the person has a lot of other nice vintage finds on sale in the shop.

There are probably tons of other skirts all over Etsy that are worth a look!
Happy skirt hunting! Also, if you have a long skirt, take a picture and post it here when you comment if you want. I like seeing long skirts and how people use them without looking frumpy.

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