Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Magic Hour

All of these photos are from the Magic Hour PV "Last Waltz", a highly creative and imaginative, well shot, amazingly prop-tastic set of photos for their BJD band, Amorly. The PV set of photos have the look, feel and tone of a popular band's music video, and there's plenty more where this came from!
The Singapore-based group 'The Magic Hour' is magic indeed, seeming to transform their lifeless dolls into gritty, shadowy characters whose personalities seem to glow from within the confines of their excellently vignetted frames. They have a blog-type livejournal which they update, and you can join the group and watch for new things from them. I wish they had a webshop where I could buy their jewelry and fashions, or have my doll's faceups commissioned. So far, they seem to concentrate mostly on their Singapore-centric fan base, and I haven't seen any plans to really expand their market as of yet.
I know that they're really popular on DoA for their beautiful photography and extremely well-stocked sets, so I think they'd definitely have a niche already if they decided to foray Westward with their creations. But I digress!

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